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Discussion of How STAAR impacts promotion and retention under the Texas Student Success Initiative
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School has informed me that my son (8th grade Klein ISD) will be pulled from classes for additional support if he does not take STAAR or fails STAAR. She stated that due to changes in TEA Regs 2 yrs ago, there is no longer an option for students who don’t take or don’t pass STAAR in an SSI yr. so it wouldn’t have affected my son in 5th grade but would now. Has anyone else heard of this? Have asked her to forward me the new changes to the TEA Regs. So now we wait and see.

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My 6th grader didn't do AI. We just said no and I didn't fill out any of the paperwork. She tried to get me to fill it out by saying it was required for the school even if we didn't do it. So I wrote on the form... "(my kid's name) does not have my consent to do AI of any kind. EVER." And that was that. They never said another word to me about it.
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