Declining “Mandatory” Tutoring

This year many districts appear to be telling parents that children are required to attend tutoring before or after school based on mock STAAR or benchmark results.  This is not permitted.  This letter will inform the school that your child will not be participating.

Note: This form does not apply to Accelerated Instruction based on actual STAAR assessment results.

Declining Mandatory Tutoring


  1. Sherry Taylor

    I got one in the mail for my daughter that says it’s mandatory ! I am letting her go do she will be able to pass the test ! It’s sad that a teacher can’t actually teach what kids to learn !
    Instead they have to teach what’s on Starr test and my daughter says she starts learning something one day and the very next say there having to learn something new . How can a kid ever learn anything when you keep going to something different everyday .

  2. Brandee Touma

    I am sending the opt out letter to my daughter’s school. She is enrolled in a STAAR math class that I was informed is not tutoring but, a mandatory class due to her low score last year. Opting her out of the test should eliminate this course and give her an elective back. I tried to simply state my refusal for her to take this class and request her elective be reinstated but, was told no.

  3. Carmen

    My came home with a letter saying they were giving tutoring for free and we refuse and they sent another saying she had to go because she didn’t meet the staar requirement. So we sent our opt out letter and and she still went thereally calling it intervention and it’s mandatory!

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