Do Not Score Letter

Update 12/18/18 This letter has been updated to include a request that score reports indicating participation be removed from the child’s records.  This request should form a sufficient basis to request a corrective statement be placed in the file after the district or TEA denies the removal request.  This should be sent immediately after any assessment your child is present for but refuses.  Please note, if your child “refuses” by random bubbling or choosing only one answer, or generally fills in any answer bubbles, this letter should not be sent.  The district is entitled to score the attempted assessment.

Update for 2016:  Under the TEA Rules passed for 2016, the instruction to code the refused assessment has been formalized.  The districts do not have discretion to use another code.  When a student refuses a test, or is present at school but not tested, school districts routinely code the answer sheet of the student with code “S”, instructing the TEA to score the blank form and, as a result, record a zero for the student.  This form letter discusses that issue.

Download Do Not Score Letter 2019