Follow Up Refusal

This letter should follow a general response that the school can’t permit a child to “opt out”.  It asserts that you were not asking permission, informs the school that unless they respect your parental rights your child will not be in attendance, and contains required “statement of assurance” language to establish that you will engage in home schooling during STAAR dates.  This should provide a level of protection against truancy threats.

The school may respond by claiming you have to withdraw your child to do this.  This is untrue.  You can ignore that response.  You have stated your position.



  1. Tonia Dake

    We decided at the last minute to opt-out, so upon return I sent the “opt-out” letter of notification.
    Presuming we did not adhere to requirements, I did not stand my ground when they called and said he was in the library taking the Math STAAR today. They said I will be receiving a letter from Denton ISD.
    I have no idea what my options or legal rights are. I feel trapped. This isn’t how I want to feel about my choices as a parent.
    Any suggestions?

  2. D T D

    Too many parents get caught up in “being nice” and “not being rude.” The school reinforces this by stressing “respect.” Parents and students are “supposed” to “respect” teachers. (They leave out the part that respect is earned, and should go both ways).

    These are YOUR children. This is THEIR future for which you are fighting.

    Will you defend your family, or get hung up on not being “nice”?

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