Parent’s Grade Placement Committee Meeting Guide

This guide is intended for use by parents in the 5th and 8th grade Grade Placement Committee Meetings.  It contains both a section for advocating during the grade placement decision and during the development of Accelerated Instruction.  Under the statute, a second failed test opportunity triggers a GPC meeting to design the accelerated instruction plan (which is often a summer school plan).  Following the third administration, the promotion decision is made along with a determination of AI for the following year.  As a parent, by law you have input into all of this.  AI decisions (such as loss of electives) should never be made without you!

This guide includes forms and questions for even the most adversarial meetings.  You may obviously use whatever portions you feel are appropriate.

Grade Placement Committee Meeting Guide


    1. admin

      A student who does not pass STAAR is retained subject to an appeal to the Grade Placement Committee. Statistically 95% of 8th graders who fail STAAR are promoted to 9th grade by the GPC. The answer to your question is yes, but we have never seen it happen to an Opt Out kid who is passing their classes. Retention tends to happen to kids who would be retained whether or not STAAR ever existed.

  1. Jenny Espeseth

    Thanks so much for this info. Would kindly point me to the percentage of 5th graders promoted to 6th grade after failing or opting out of STAAR? I’m composing a clarification to our principal’s recent message board post that reads, in part:

    “Students at [the 5th and 8th] grade levels MUST pass STAAR to move to the next grade level as part of the State of Texas Student Success Initiative (SSI). Therefore, they will have a second opportunity to take these STAAR tests on May 8 and 9. All other grade levels/subjects have one testing window on May 8th and 9th.”

    1. admin


      This article (LINK) takes you through the method to make the calculations for your school or district. Broadly speaking the number is 90% of 5th graders and 95% of 8th graders who do not take or pass STAAR are promoted.

  2. Ron Hatfield

    Is their an actual law that states my wife and I are allowed to be in the committee meeting? The vice principal of my child’s school says the decision will be made without the parents.

  3. Laci

    As far as asking a committee member to recuse themselves, what would we do if at the meeting regarding the 3rd administration, each person, the principal, counselor, and teacher already suggested holding him back, based on math? He passed math for the year, and reading, but failed the 3rd administration of the reading staar?

  4. Edith S Hepburn

    My child is in 8th grade IEP, so will he have to pass this test or will he be placed regardless of the outcome of the test?

  5. May

    Please help me I have Community meeting on June 13 what is our right as parents what I need to know or say so they can not hold my child back

    The school scheduled with us community meeting do we have a saying in it can we say no do we have the right to not let them hold him back or only his teacher and the principal have the Final decision
    My child in 8th grade and he did not bass the star tast in ( Reading )twice but he is Passing his class all year
    Now the are asking him To do some paper work and take another test
    Can they hold him back if he did not pass the third time

  6. Paulina


    My son is going from the 5th grade to the 6th grade.

    However, He did not pass the STAR reading/writing(Language Arts) test that was given at his school. The principal stated in a phone call conversation we had on 7/23/2018 at 12:23 pm that “he has made a full year’s growth from 4th to 5th grade” but because there was no current documentation that states he is receiving additional help from school from a program geared for students that have a disability learning or dyslexia. There was no current way they could promote him to the 6th grade. He did pass all of his regular classes and he passed the Math STAR test that was given by the school. I was unaware that as parent’s we could have asked for a Grade Placement Committee meeting with the school to evaluate his opportunity to excel to the 6th grade. I have yet to sign any documentation stating that he will be held back in the 5th grade. I will be seeing the principal on returning student registration day.

    My biggest concern is that our options are limited.

    1) If we choose for him to get assistance while being promoted to the 6th grade, we run the risk of him being diagnosis with having a learning disability or dyslexia. I can see in my son that he is very smart, he can retain all the information in the world about the things of interest to him. Math, History, Science and of course Pokémon, Fortnight and Dragon Ball Z amongst others.

    2) We retain him in the 5th grade and he could stay at the same school and be in the same grade as his younger sister or He would be retained in the 5th grade and be transferred to a different school with no necessary action towards evaluating him for assistance in being diagnosed with a learning disability or dyslexia.

    3)He would be retained in the 5th grade and transferred to a new school with help of some kind, from being diagnosed with a learning disability or dyslexia.

    He is currently seeing a tutor to improved his skills in penmanship, process of elimination, comprehension and vocabulary enhancement, among others that he is learning. He is aware that he has to work harder like most kids his age and put his best foot forward in the 6th grade given the chance.

    What can I do now that it’s come this far. Can I still do anything for him or do I just let it all happen. Any guidance with my situation is appreciated.

    Thank you,

  7. Debbie pierson

    Do parents have the right to refuse to hold there child back in first grade? Reading is a little low but she was tested the first week of moving to a new school.

    1. admin

      Review your local school board policies for the answer to this. They can generally be found by googling “______ isd board policy online” and looking for policy EIE (Local)

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