Response to Notice of Summer School

This letter is intended for parents of 5th and 8th graders who receive a unilateral notice from the school that their child must attend summer school as a result of STAAR results.  Such a detemination may only be made by a Grade Placement Committee.  The parent is a member of that committee.  In the absence of proper process, the determination of the school is not binding on the student.

TPERN – Response to Summer School Notice


  1. Brian Lovins

    One question, the requirement notice is sent out after the first test is failed and results from the second do not come out until summer school has already started, what do we do there? Thank you.

  2. Lisa Hoffman

    So even if my child fails the test do she still has to go to summer school in order to go to the 6th grade?

    1. admin

      No. She must complete accelerated instruction and be promoted by the GPC. There is no law that says accelerated instruction has to be summer school. That is decided by the GPC and you are amember. Stand your ground.

      1. Melody

        I created some AI and they are following my wishes. (( when the teacher shows up )). We had 16 days and AI session is 15.
        Is there a set number of days to complete AI?

  3. Jessicia Rodriguez

    I opted my 7th grader out of the math and reading STARR, but unfortunately did not catch the writing. I was informed by his principal that in order to be passed to 8th grade he does have to complete accelerated reading, but she made it sound like that is only done in summer school. Is there another option for him to complete the accelerated reading without having to attend summer school?

  4. Ronnie

    I got a letter from school May 25 stating my son has to go to summer school. He is not A/B student but passed for the year round. Does he still need to go to summer school? Summer school starts June 1 and was told if he did not go to summer school he will be retained. he is an 8th grader going into the 9th grade. On staar test he met his growth but not do a level satisfactory. But it also did NOT fail the staar test. Any Advise. Thanks

    1. Anonymous who is Tired of Schools Crud

      this depends on if their holding him back because of STAAR test results, in which case, by the way you put it, that is what this is.

      here is a quick primer on how to respond to Summer School threats:

      First go download this document – the SSI manual (…)

      Then, make sure you look at the GPC (a commitee which includes you the parent in it) flowcharts to see how the process works. The flowcharts vary based on whether your child is special ed or not. GPCs – not the school – determine what accelerated instruction should be done after they 2nd administration.

      The school is not allowed to unilaterally dictate what accelerated instruction is required for 5th and 8th graders. That is a decision made by the Grade Placement Committee. Look at p. 33 on what accelerated is. It is not a one size fits all “everyone goes to summer school” approach. “The type of accelerated instruction is a local decision that should be based on individual student needs.” The schools have great flexibility.

      The SSI manual speaks directly to summer issues. “The GPC may be flexible in prescribing accelerated instruction to meet the needs of students with special summer circumstances.” (p. 33). “Neither the law nor the rules specify the amount of time to be provided for the accelerated instruction. To support the SSI grade-advancement requirements, the law and the commissioner’s rules provide districts and charter schools with flexibility to determine on an individual student basis the appropriate form, content, and timing of the accelerated instruction. ” (p. 34). Many districts allow summer AI to be done with online tutorials, worksheet packets, or even a single day of summer school.

      HOWEVER, until the GPC meets, any requirements that kids must go to summer school are invalid decisions by the school.

      Don’t give into their threats, and don’t show up out of fear. The schools MUST follow the law. Demand your GPC meeting and file a grievance if they don’t give it to you.

  5. Kimberly Shaffer

    My daughter’s school is telling me she failed the STAAR test and has to go to summer school but the only problem is she is an A/B honor roll student does she have to go to summer school or what do I do to fight this matter?

  6. Tricia Faubion

    If the school is only offering summer school for the accelerated learning do they have to attend or can they just test? If we supply workbooks or online resources at home, can that suffice as accelerated learning?

  7. Shana LaMar

    If my son has to take summer school can I just refuse based on the fact that he deserves a summer instead of spending a month studying for this stupid test. He’s an A/B student but always fails the STAAR. He is in 8th. Any way of just not doing it? Or is it AI in way way shape or form required? This will make us lose our summer fun.

    1. admin

      If the AI is not prescribed in the manner required by statute, you are entitled to refuse to comply until a GPC is convened and the decision on AI is made. AI is not required to be summer school. Most parents are able to successfully lobby for at home or online AI to be completed over the summer, or for a day or two on campus, but not the full summer session. All the school is required to do is show that AI was given – there is no specific form it needs to take.

  8. Ashleigh

    My son is in the 3rd grade . He is a 504 student but has been passing all yr round. I got a email asking if I can meet with his teacher for a summer school placement meeting. They mentioned he needs help in reading but I feel I can help him at home with his reading. Can I Refuse Summer school?

  9. Tiffany Jenkins

    Good morning! I just received a call stating my son who failed the 5th grade STAAR reading by 3 points this time, (2 the last time) will have to go to summer school. Summer school starts June 1. We have summer planned. They have me scheduled for a GPC meeting in the morning. Will my son be retained if he doesn’t attend or may I offer online instruction as a form of AL also?

  10. Ssibley

    My son was told he was to attend summer school, cause he didn’t pass the math part of the star test , but he have pass his over all year classes, do I make my son go to summer school when I’m against there decision. Why should a test determines rather he be promoted…

  11. Heather Parsons

    Does an unplanned phone call count as a GPC meeting? I was just told he didn’t pass 5th grade math & summer school starts in 2 days. I asked about the meeting & vice principal said this phone call was the GPC.

    1. admin

      Was his math teacher on the call? Even if so, I would say no. The VP calling you out of the blue is not a GPC.

    2. Shonna Reeves

      I also received a call from the VP at my daughter’s school saying she failed the 5th grade math and reading STAAR and would have to attend summer school and test a 3rd time or she would be retained. When I argued that she had passing grades all year and I did not agree with making her attend summer school and retest a 3rd time because it would make feel like a failure after all her hard work during the year making good grades was for nothing because she didn’t pass the STAAR. I asked what would happen when she doesn’t pass a 3rd time and was told that as long as she went to summer school she wouldn’t be retained but if she did not their hands were tied and she would be retained. My brother in law had an ARD meeting the same day I recieved the phone call. His son did not pass the STAAR as well but is classified as special education due to his ADHD. He was told he would not have to attend summer school because he showed growth even though he did not pass. I was not even told my daughters score on the test. I called the school and spoke to the VP and asked why I did not recieve a meeting to discuss my daughters scores and summer school requirements just as my brother in law had. He said that those meetings were ARD meetings for special education only and I would not have a meeting that they just called the parents of students that failed. A couple days later I recieved a letter titled Accelerated Instruction on the back were 3 computer generated copies of signatures, 1 from the Prinicpal, 2 from teachers my daughter has never had and the 4th signature line said “Parent notified and agreed via phone meeting”. I did not agree. I was not given a choice. And it was not even a phone meeting. I received a call from the VP and his signature is not even on the AI.

  12. Katherine Bailes

    My daughter is in 5th grade and did not pass her STAAR reading or math. She did pass her regular classes for the school year. I had a God meeting this morning and they informed me she has to attend summer school because of her STAAR results, however the school district has opted out of taking the STAAR a 3rd time because of hurricane Harvey. I didnt agree to the summer school, but they still want to retain her. What is my next step?

  13. Ashleigh

    My son is in 5th grade. I had his 504 meeting 2 weeks ago and they already knew we were opting out again this yr. They said he will automatic be retained and have to attend summer school. I knew about the retained part and told them I will not send him to summer school. My question is right after the 1st round of STAAR is that when I request a GPC?

  14. Patricia

    I have an 11th grader who has failed the staar reading 2 times this year, the school sent me a summer school notice. I sent the form back unsigned with a letter attached that I want to call a GPC meeting and find out more information about some sort of special project that seniors can do instead of passing the staar assessment. My question is, am I correct? Can i refuse summer school at his grade level? I see information regarding 5th adn 8th grade but not 11th grade.

  15. Meredith

    What is the EOC-STAAR? We opted out for several reasons and now I have an 8th grader going into high school and they did not give him his credits on pre-ap Algerbra 1 bc he didn’t take the Math-EOC/STAAR. I have called the principle and am waiting to hear. But no one mentioned/ told me about this EOC deal. We had a GPC and they told us they wouldn’t tell us officially if he was moving forward until August. I am so confused. I’ve now called the principle to find out what is going on.
    Help! Anyone know what this is about?

  16. Damaris

    My daughter has a 504 following her since 4th grade. She is not SPED. She’s a freshman this year. She has a hard time with any sort of testing. STAAR gives her bad headaches, stomach problems and major anxiety. She is passing all her classes but she works slow. So assignments are missing. Can I still opt her out of testing and graduate her for senior year?

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