Do Not Score Letter

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Do Not Score Letter

The TEA requires that districts submit refused assessments for scoring (not absences--actual refusals).  Obviously, we view this as falsification of data, as it creates a record of participation and assigns the lowest scaled score to the student.  FERPA permits a parent to place a corrective statement in their student's records which must be made available with the scores.  However, a request for correction is the first step.  This letter will meet that requirement.

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Comments (8)

  • Does the acceptance in previous letters of the S scoring negate the right to then not have the test scored as S in their records?

  • If a parent exercised the right to opt out of STAAR in 2021 and the student provided a refusal statement on the answer key, what could the district face as a consequence if the answer key is scored and scored with a singular correct answer if no answers were actually marked by the student?

    • Well it should be scored based on the TEA guidance, so there is no repercussion for scoring it. If a blank answer sheet returned a single response, that should be reported for investigation. It is probably a glitch or scoring error, which is on the testing vendor not the district. If someone actually bubbled a single answer, that would be a huge violation. How it would be proven that it was the district and not the kid, I am not sure. But I would report it for investigation. I’m completely willing to believe the scoring equipment is so unreliable as to be the cause.

  • Josie Cobayashi

    My school teacher said that next year if he fails math english or reading je will have tomake up 40 hrs of tutoring, which I don’t understand he’s a third grader and hes been taught as of he was 4th or 5th grade. Right now he’s nervous because suddenly je was recognized with a gold star for Math and when I asked the teacher she said it was a team work, I don’t even understand some math and won’t use it at my job.
    A worried mom from EPISD

  • Hi. What if my child has already taken the 2022 STAAR but you do not want the test scored or counted against them? I did not know I can refuse my child taking the STAAR test.

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