Opt Out of Class re Loss of Electives

This letter is an edited opt out letter specifically intended to be used when the school places the child in a full-period STAAR prep class, usually at the expense of elective choices.  Schools claim you can’t opt out of these test prep classes, but nothing in the law indicates that is a correct interpretation.

Use this letter to inform the school that you are exercising your parental rights to opt out of the STAAR prep class.

Note: We recommend that you request that the school remove your child from these test prep classes before resorting to the use of the letter.  Make a request via email and if necessary have a face to face meeting to explain that you don’t want your child deprived of electives simply to prep for assessments.  If you are still unsuccessful, then use this letter to notify them of your decision.

Out Opt Letter – STAAR Prep Class

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