About TPERN / TxEdRights

This website serves two purposes.  First, we exist as a loosely affiliated group of education activists who form ad hoc networks to address specific issues related to parental rights in education.  We are not affiliated with any political party, nor do our members lean more in one direction than another.  We are bound together by a single principle: that parents are the ultimate and highest decisionmakers regarding the education of their children and they do not cede their rights by availing themselves of their (state) constitutional right to a free public education.

Second, we recognize that for many issues our parent customers encounter, it is not going to be cost-effective to retain legal counsel to assist them.  For this reason, we provide self help materials of a general nature that parents can access and use without charge.


Though some of these materials are written by or reviewed by an attorney, none of them have been prepared for your specific situation and we are not acting as your attorney.  If you wish to have the forms prepared or modified for your specific purpose, you should retain a lawyer of your choosing to modify them for you.  No attorney-client relationship is formed as a result of your use of this website and by your use of these forms, you agree that you are acting on your own and are not a client of any attorney affiliated with txedrights.net