Up Next: The Grievance Process

September 5, 2022
Unfortunately, this year we’ve started with a lot of illegal activities by schools intent on forcing HB 4545 tutoring on their students.  Parents have been implementing grievances and there have been a lot of questions.  We are working on a video to walk you through the basics of the grievance process.  Keep and eye out […]

Our HB 4545 Video Playlist

August 23, 2022
We’ve collected all our videos on HB 4545 into a single playlist!

Coming Soon: CVEP Interview

August 22, 2022
Just a sneak preview for our patrons!  This week I’ll be doing an interview with Marilyn Bennett, the principal of The Oaks Private School in Florida, which sponsors the CVEP program we’ve advocated for our high school opt out kids.  The interview will be released here first for private viewing by our supporters.  Hopefully I’ll […]

Premium Preview: When Do I Tell the School I Am Opting Out

August 12, 2022
Scott and James from Texans Take Action Against STAAR answer a common question that parents new to Opt Out ask at the beginning of the school year.  When do I tell the school I am opting out?  Hear their perspectives on the timing and issues involved in giving your school the opt out notice.    Help […]

Welcome and Thanks!

August 12, 2022
If you are here, you are considering supporting TxEdRights in our quest to continue delivering the best original self-help materials for parents looking to exercise their parental rights in their children’s education.  Moving to Patreon is a big deal for us, because we will be creating a closer relationship to the people who are actively […]

Prep or Pay: Aledo ISD Threatens Fines for STAAR Prep

January 8, 2019
According to parents, an Aledo ISD 4th grade class has been told to prep or pay!  While this is extreme (and in fact may reflect some type of fake reward money), the obsession with testing and test prep leaps off the page at you.  Consider this the next time someone tells you that STAAR prep […]

“What Are You Teaching Your Kids?”

May 11, 2017
Sigh.  It’s that time of year.  Despite clear rules on discussion pages that preclude the debate over the motives or wisdom of opt out parents, we get several people every year who have to post nonsense such as “life is hard” and “what are you teaching your children?”  So here’s a brief answer to that […]


April 25, 2017
Txedrights is pleased to present our first STAAR Opt Out webinar.  Join TPERN Chairman Scott Placek and panelists Caite Brooks, Sarah and Ben Becker and Edy Chamness as they discuss the legalities and practicalities of Opting Out of STAAR.  The webinar is free and can be joined by going here: Webinar Link at 8 p.m. […]

IGC Graduation Does NOT Require Two Failed Attempts on EOCs

March 20, 2017
Update 2017-2018: We are pleased to note that ESC 12 has removed the two attempt/two failure language from their updated Powerpoints. It’s always something.  For whatever reason, misinformation spreads faster in school districts than lice. And much like lice, the students are always the ones who get the raw end of the deal.  Although we […]

Breaking . . . Lost STAAR Exams

March 28, 2016
Reports from Houston are that assessment booklets and coded scantrons for over 20 HISD schools, KIPP and Spring ISD have been lost.  Campus administrators are being required to pick up replacements and uncoded scantrons tonight.  Students will be required to fill their scantrons with all necessary identifying information in the morning, increasing the possibility of reporting error. […]