Real STAAR Tips: How “Hustle Mom” Comes Up Short

April 7, 2019
Dallas area blogger “Hustle Mom” aka Dawn Monroe has come up with a handy dandy list of tips for parents to help their kids excel on STAAR, and at the same time makes a gratuitous (or not) plug for family-centered McDonalds. Despite apparently recognizing that “[t]eachers and students prepare for this test all year long, […]

TPERN Opposes Proposed STAAR Percentile Rule

January 8, 2015
On December 19, 2014, the TEA published a proposed amendment to 19 TAC §101.3041, dealing with STAAR performance standards.  This proposed rule ostensibly provides for the publication of percentile ranks on the STAAR, theoretically making comparison between test takers easier.  (TPERN believes that the purpose of an academic readiness assessment is to determine readiness of the […]

TEA Commissioner Admits Teachers Unable to Align Instruction with STAAR

August 22, 2014
On August 21, 2014, TEA Commissioner Michael Williams announced that Texas would once again delay implementing increased performance standards for its STAAR examinations which are used to assess academic readiness, are required for automatic promotion to 6th or 9th grade, and which must be passed by high school students in five different areas in order […]

English Language Learners: STAAR’s Most Vulnerable Victims

April 3, 2014
An assessment intended to be used to help identify the academic readiness of students shows that 90% of a discrete and identifiable subgroup is failing a mandatory portion of the curriculum and the TEA claims that not so much as a single e-mail exists in all of the agency discussing this issue!

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