Bubbling All “A” on STAAR is a BAD Idea

March 18, 2021
For reasons that are not clear to me, we’ve seen a sharp increase in “helpful” parents suggesting the answer to STAAR is to go along and bubble all “A” or all “C” or make some random design.  PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO THAT SUGGESTION!  Bubbling all the same answer will produce data.  That data will […]

No, Your Kid Won’t Be Retained for Opting Out (2021 Edition)

February 11, 2021
Shockingly, some school officials still appear to be using the threat of retention to compel parents to bring their kids to campus mid-pandemic and take the STAAR.  Usually, when this happens, we go into a lengthy explanation of how retention is theoretically possibly, but practically never happens. Then we walk you through the GPC process […]

TPERN Urges Comment Opposing Sub Assessment Rule

October 24, 2019
We know the TEA plans to make it harder for kids to use substitute assessments to graduate high school. This rule is the first step. Please read and send a comment to the TEA! We need to flood them to have a chance!!! HOW DO WE COMMENT? Go to the Web Address for Public Comment: […]

TPERN Condemns TEA Proposal On Substitute Assessments; Accuses Commissioner of Exceeding Authority

October 11, 2019
Today the Texas Education Agency proposes a rule[1] that would tell a high school student who has met the required passing scores on state approved nationally recognized assessment instruments that they are not entitled to a Texas High School Diploma unless they also submit to take a state created assessment for which they have no […]

Expressio Unius Est Exclusio Alterius

September 26, 2019
Under the principle of Expressio Unius Est Exclusio Alterius, accelerated instruction can never be considered an exception to 26.010, because the law presumes that all exceptions have been incorporated in the statute and unexpressed ones cannot be implied.

What About High School? (updated 2019)

September 12, 2019
A standard line amongst opt out activists is that you simply can’t do it in high school.  But more and more Texas parents are proving that the opposite is true.  More and more Texas kids are finishing their Texas high schools without having taken some or all of the EOCS.  I go a step further.  I hold that, for a committed opt out parent, if you can put aside sentimentality and about $2.50 a week, you, and not the school, hold all the power.

STAAR Madness: TEA or Local Decisions

April 12, 2019
This is a tough time for Opt Out parents because the assessment is happening and there is a lot of pushback. When complaints come, the natural response is to blame the TEA or the legislature.  But is that fair?  Is that accurate?  Everybody here understands that the TEA tells schools how to administer the assessment […]

Real STAAR Tips: How “Hustle Mom” Comes Up Short

April 7, 2019
Dallas area blogger “Hustle Mom” aka Dawn Monroe has come up with a handy dandy list of tips for parents to help their kids excel on STAAR, and at the same time makes a gratuitous (or not) plug for family-centered McDonalds. Despite apparently recognizing that “[t]eachers and students prepare for this test all year long, […]

Opt Out Wall of Shame – The Districts

April 5, 2019
Nominate your district: txedrights@gmail.com Round Rock ISD In order to entice a refusing student to take STAAR, an assistant principal told a 5th grade student that she had just spoken to his mother who had called and wanted him to take it.  The child was only at school because the mother had called and asked […]

Opt Out Hall of Fame – The Districts

April 5, 2019
Updated: 2/14/22 Waco ISD The district worked with parents to create on campus alternate activities to STAAR testing. Houston ISD Created a district refusal procedure that promises no adverse action against students for opting out. Austin ISD Created in office refusal for opt out kids, allowing them to refuse assessment with parent witnessing, and return […]

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