Call to Action: Comment on Proposed Accountability Rules

Despite knowing that the Grade 3-5, and likely the Grade 6-8 STAAR, assessments do not comply with the time limits set in Education Code, the TEA is moving forward with plans to use those ratings in the 2015-2016 accountability ratings. This is done via the rulemaking process.  Parents should submit public comment on this matter to the TEA. The proposed rule is 19 T.A.C. §97.1001. Public comment is accepted until June 27, 2016. Comments may be submitted via e-mail to The following statement, or one similar to it, should be raised in comments.

“The proposed rule 19 T.A.C. §97.1001 should be amended to require that no state assessment instrument may be used in the determination of district or campus accountability ratings unless such assessment complies with the requirements of the Texas Education Code, Texas Administrative Code, and any applicable federal law or regulation.”

Parents may also wish to cite the myriad problems with STAAR administration this year, along with the various superintendent letters on the issue.  But please, make sure you include a comment about the assessments needing to comply with the law!!!

If you wish, you can cc TPERN on the e-mail at txedrights “at”

TPERN’s public comment is pictured below:


June 7, 2016


June 7, 2016

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  • The accountability system in the state of Texas is a farce! The system hasn’t changed anything for the better in public education. The inner city schools are STILL under performing while the wealthy school districts consistently do better than everyone else. This system has only scripted the curriculum taught so there is no room for teacher ingenuity, creativity, re-teaching time, nor anything fun left in the classroom. It is all kill and drill for these stupid tests that districts, administration, teachers and students fret about every single day because of the punitive outcomes of failure on exams that are full of errors, trick questions and pure BS. This year, the test was illegal and did not comply with the time limits that were adjusted and made into law. HOW DARE YOU TEA to not even abide by the rules! I believe you call that a ‘testing irregularity’!

    These tests have done nothing positive for my children’s education. One of my children has accommodations as part of her Individual Education Plan for a student with dyslexia and autism, the former of which the district won’t even recognize and wouldn’t test for until the 3rd grade. However, I took action in first grade and she was diagnosed with dyslexia.

    Not once has this test been utilized to pin point gaps in my child’s education. Not once have I been provided with nor had access to her test and answers so that I, myself, could see weaknesses. Not once has any teacher or administrator been able to explain what the usefulness of this assessment has been to my child’s education.

    This has been a sham on the good parents, teachers and children of Texas. You have allowed MILLIONS of dollars to go wasted on these irrelevant, illegal and fraudulent tests and curriculum (that is about 2 years above what is developmentally appropriate). It’s time to wake up and admit this standardized testing has not positively impacted public education whatsoever. High stakes testing does NOT belong in the public education system. I believe their are better ways to utilize tax-payer resources to assess the status of our campuses and students in meaningful ways because nothing meaningful comes from the current system. I will vote and continue to mobilize others to vote against every single one of you who endorse this unworthy, illegal system. Our future generations are what’s at stake here and they are too important to stand idle and do nothing to stop this greedy machine of waste, fraud and abuse!

    • Great comment!! I’m standing with you. My child has been losing hearing in both her ears since elementary(our insurance will only cover $2000 for hearing aids). She is supposed to be in the 504 program that supplies an FM system she had it in 5th grade but she never got one since entering middle school. Still to this day the counselor has yet to know where to get it even though we told her numerous times. The school system is a failure. She has to take the STAR test AGAIN IN summer school. Her grades are passing lowest grade is a 78 but she maybe held back in 8th grade because she can’t pass the STAAR tests. How shitty is that. You pass to the next grade ONLY if you pass this test they take a week to prepare for and most questions that are in it my child has never learned yet. Passing/graduating shouldn’t be based on a state test. It should be based on what you learn in class. Everyone learns at a different pace and the STRESS on the kids is heartbreaking. My Child doesn’t even want to go to school anymore because she feels like a failure even though her class grades PROVE OTHERWISE. My daughter tried out for JV CHEER for 9th grade and made the squad but the scores of this test are telling me we are about to lose the $1300 (non refundable) we already invested in her high school career. STAAR TESTING IS A BAD JOKE that is a failure ALL TOGETHER. CHILDREN learn at thier own pace they should not be rushed into learning things they are not familiar with within a week. Why do teachers even give assignments and grade them if it doesn’t even matter in the end?

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