Northside ISD STAAR Math: 100 – 8 = 71

April 25, 2014
Schools get their hackles up if parents suggest that they are teaching to the STAAR test.  Even though all of our kids know it and tell us, the schools deny it to the ends of the earth.  They assure us that they just follow the curriculum, and it aligns with STAAR, and that the STAAR […]

TEA Publishes Misleading SSI Document

April 23, 2014
We have recently been made aware of a document published by the TEA that implies that 5th and 8th graders who do not pass STAAR reading and mathematics exams cannot be promoted.  This piece of test propaganda completely omits the promotion process created by law by the Texas Legislature, that permits a Grade Placement Committee to […]

Testing Irregularity: Spring ISD Elementary School Communicates Wrong Start Time to Parents

April 23, 2014
On Thursday April 18, 2014, Hoyland Elementary in Spring ISD sent home a form regarding the STAAR testing that would occur on Tuesday, April 22 and Wednesday April 23rd. The form stated that there would be no visitors, deliveries, etc. during STAAR testing. School would begin at 7:30 am and state testing would begin promptly […]

How the TEA Forces Schools to Manipulate STAAR Data

April 19, 2014
The TEA’s STAAR summary report clearly contemplates that some students will not be tested for reasons other than absence. Yet not a single student who refuses the test is accurately reported in that category. Instead, their data is lumped into the number of students actually tested. Their zero becomes just another student that does not meet minimum standards. Because there is no score averaging in accountability assessment, a zero means the same thing to a school as a student who fails by one question. However, for the district and TEA, the zero becomes evidence that the 95% test participation requirement has been met. These numbers then get placed on federal reports and are used to justify continued receipt of federal funds.

Opting Out and Truancy: A Hollow Threat or Big Stick?

April 17, 2014
A recent tactic by school districts faced with opt out requests has been to not so subtly suggest to parents that if they keep their children home on STAAR administration and make up days, the schools will report the parent to the appropriate agency for institution of truancy charges. Truancy courts have become an increasingly […]

Round Rock ISD Accused of Deception to Invade Parental Rights

April 16, 2014
Click Read More to View the News Report from Fox 7 Austin.

The TEA, STAAR and Data Manipulation

April 5, 2014
“for a school, it is better to fail a child but report that he participated than to tell the truth that he was not tested. A failing score hurts the school less than non-participation. The impact on the child is unimportant to the data gatherers. It’s all about making the numbers.”

English Language Learners: STAAR’s Most Vulnerable Victims

April 3, 2014
An assessment intended to be used to help identify the academic readiness of students shows that 90% of a discrete and identifiable subgroup is failing a mandatory portion of the curriculum and the TEA claims that not so much as a single e-mail exists in all of the agency discussing this issue!

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