Losing My Summer or My Electives? False Choice!

This video is a wide ranging discussion of the scope of HB 4545, the provisions regarding accelerated instruction, the limits placed on schools and the parental right to refuse/opt out of AI under Education Code sec. 26.010.

May 25, 2022


May 25, 2022

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  • What if I already agreed to the ratio waiver for the summer? Can I change my mind, I hadn’t seen this video before and am now just realizing what I did. My son has adhd and now will be in that ratio I shouldn’t of signed off for, but I felt pressured in the IEP meeting. They were saying they didn’t have enough teachers to not do the waiver.

    • Hi,
      This is a similar situation that happened to us! Mine is in the 504 program and when we had a phone meeting they told me he has to take summer school or lose an elective. We went for the first day of summer school (Katy ISD) and it was a complete disaster and my son’s name wasn’t on the list which he was signed up for. I had to pick him up from school. I have emailed and tried to contact them with no response or help. I’m so tired of this. He has good grades but it’s horrible at testing! Is there something I can do to get him out of this? I have read a lot of the information I’m just afraid bc I said ok to summer school I can’t get him out now. Any information to help us would be greatly appreciated!!

  • I received letter following our no participation in STAAR as anticipated.
    We are given two items to make choices on.
    1) waiver of 3:1 ratio – that was easy, check no.
    2) choose an option (a) son will attend summer school to begin required intervention time – obviously a no. OR (b) “not attend summer school & complete intervention during school year, possibly during or in place of an elective.”
    I downloaded the summer opt out letter and understand one will be produced for the Fall, but since this letter already states the Fall requirement (& I couldn’t believe it actually said in place of an elective) do I draw through that statement and only address summer school? Make a note that we decline both?

    • Do not waive.
      Send summer opt out letter.
      Don’t return the other form.
      Send the fall opt out letter when ready!

  • My daughter’s school has not yet sent out a letter offering the STAAR summer hours of accelerated learning but they have sent us a letter of test retake dates for summer. She is high school level. Do we simple just send the opt out letter for test retakes?

  • My son is in elementary. His principal said if i chose to not send him to summer school then they would use his study hour during the school year. Since he doesn’t have electives can this be opted out of? I’ve read and read but it doesn’t specify.

    • I don’t know what you’ve “read and read” but this site is pretty clear (as is the TEA) that you can opt out of AI.

  • Amanda Moss Warncke

    Just talked to counselor she was very accommodating and I have an ARD scheduled for the beginning of the school year to address the 30 hours but she said it definitely can be taken care of there 🙂 They seemed more than willing to allow me to opt out !!! Thank you so much for this video you have no idea how it helped me with my conversation and how it out this momma at ease!! Bless you!!

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