SUCCESS! Putting it in the File!

From DC

This is our 3rd year of Opting-out of STAAR. This is the first year where we have had true success and no fightback.
 My middle son is in 4th grade and this will be his second year of STAAR. Last year I kept my son home during the assessments only because he was not capable of standing up for himself, always afraid of hurting someone’s feelings. After a bit of debate, the principal agreed to put the refusal letter into my son’s file. This year, the principal asked if I was letting Colt take STAAR which I declined. He said it was not a problem and that all he needed was my refusal letter so he could file it.
My oldest is in 7th grade and new school. He also has an IEP and in a SPED program. I have fought this so hard for the past two years with much resistance. Luckily Alex has no problem defying authority figures and laughed when he wrote refuse on the assessment. This year, all I had to do was send in my refusal letter. The principal said thank you and that he would put the letter in my son’s file.

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