Ten Common Mistakes Parents Make During the IEP Meeting

. . . It is important that parents become informed and involved in their child’s education. There are many sources of information and support in your state. However, the more skills you have and the more information you learn, the better you can advocate for your child. Over the past few years we have found that parents tend to make some common mistakes during the Individual Education Program (IEP) meeting. The following is a list of the common mistakes and some suggestions for avoiding them: . . .

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April 7, 2015


April 13, 2015

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  • Maybe you can point me in the right direction. I keep going back and forth, trying not to respond in anger. Feb 10 I sat in a 504 committee meeting in which my son was referred to SPED. I have it in black and white on the 504 paperwork. The school has 45 school days to complete the testing. So, on the 13th of April, having heard nothing, I sent an email asking for an update. 45 days being the 21st of April, obviously a deadline we missed. I’m now being told that they have until the 13th of September to complete everything. Understanding that there is a fine line here between momma bear and holding the school accountable, what is the appropriate response here?

  • I’m going thought the same thing right now, this is how it was explained to me. They have 15 days to respond to your request, then 45 days to test the child then another 30 days to determine a resolution. Good luck!!!

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