1. Jacquin

    This is a great step towards getting rid of such a useless test. We are standing together to make a meaningful change and a better future for our children, which makes me proud to be apart of something that’s taking a stand for something positive.

  2. Kim

    I absolutely agree with this bill! The STAAR has done more harm than good and has caused nothing but stress to our children and parents and teachers. It’s beyond time to get rid of it and get back to real teaching! Get rid of the STAAR now!

  3. Carlo A. Concha

    It could be just a test, but pas it or not is not a requirement. This test is not in the benefit of the student or the parent and less of our teachers, they are supposed to teach not to waste time in useless test that at the end does not prove anything. Totally in accordance to the bill to eliminated the STAAR, it is a total waste of time, we need more education to our children.

  4. J Smith

    My child who is epileptic which is caused by Mesial temporal sclerosis has difficulty with memory and with the added stress of this test coming up we have seen an increase with her seizures. Why should I put my child through 4 hrs of stress and upsetment knowing this will trigger seizures. I’m so glad to see others wanting to get rid of this useless test and get back to teaching our children and not teaching on how to take a test. Teachers need to be able to do their job and teach.

  5. A Smith

    Our child suffers from seizures caused by Mesial temporal sclerosis which affects our child’s memory. We have seen an increase in our child’s seizures recently with the upcoming starr testing. I am not going to have our child sit for 4 hrs and become upset over a test or have our child stressing over remembering how to do this test and also knowing that our child will be worrying about having a seizure while taking this unnecessary test. Why should we put our child through that. I am so glad to know there are so many others who agree that this Starr test is not proving anything but how a child can show they know how to take a test. Let the teachers do their jobs and teach.

  6. Debi

    Does anyone know where this bill currently sits? Has it been brought out yet and what if any outcome came from it?

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