“Unfortunately There is No Opt Out” – Try Again, Schools!

Tired of those school district letters saying “there is no opt out” for accelerated instruction under HB 4545?  Me too.  Because it’s not only a lie, it’s deliberate ignorance.  A minute of reading makes it clear. They’ve got me ranting tonight.

June 7, 2022


June 7, 2022

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  • My children’s school implemented a mandatory campus-wide “Intervention” (AI intensive tutoring) class for the 2021-2022 school year. (All students attending the campus had it pre-installed into their schedules). This current school year (2022-2023) they have renamed the class “academy”, and again it is given every day to every student on campus. For the upcoming school year students scheduling choices only allowed for 1 elective instead of the customary 2. It was explained in the scheduling paperwork that “Academy” class would replace the second elective and was MANDATORY for all students. The school does not exempt either special education or gifted/talented students from this mandate. HB 4545 specifies that it applies to students who did not meet staar standards, it does not specify that it can’t be given to students who did. Does the school have the authority to impose this instruction on students who met or exceeded staar standards?

    • Well if it is in full period classes, it isn’t HB 4545 instruction unless the tutoring ratio has been waived. Generally though, a school could create a “mandatory” course for all students that is just test prep. Of course it would only be for local credit, not graduation credit, so there would be little downside for refusing to do the tasks assigned and even failing it.

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