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Request for Facilitated Refusal

This is a new form letter to be used after you’ve been back and forth with the school using the master opt out letter and potentially the follow up refusal letter.  By this time you’ve likely received a form letter or email from the school saying things like that can’t “exempt” your child (we didn’t ask) or that all students present must be given the opportunity (how lucky!) to be assessed.

This letter points them to the TEA position that a school can accept a parental refusal and does not have to put the assessment in front of the child.  This letter requests that they work together and acknowledges what the TEA requires the school to do (document your refusal, submit the blank assessment for scoring).

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HB 4545- Follow Up Due to Removal from Electives

If you have had an Opt Out denied and your child has been removed from or denied access to electives, athletics, recess or other physical activities, use this letter to advise the school to restore all electives.  PLEASE NOTE: all our forms require you to customize them to your situation.  Custom areas are in [brackets] and are usually self-explanatory.

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Fall HB 4545 Opt Out Notice

This letter opts your child out of HB 4545 accelerated instruction for the upcoming school year.  It should be delivered to the school before the staff reports back for the fall (although there is no deadline).  I recommend you wait until all summer instruction has ended, so their full attention is on the fall.

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Field Test Opt Out

Beginning in February 2022, the TEA has volunteered Texas students to act as free labor for the testing contractors to create a new generation of STAAR assessments.  To do this they will be “field testing” various forms of the assessment on Texas students.  And contrary to law, they will not let parents see the assessment instruments.

Use this letter to Opt Out of STAAR field testing.  Unlike the Spring administrations, where the schools read the opt out provision differently than we do, there is no colorable legal basis to deny field test opt outs.

HB 4545 AI Opt Out

This letter is updated to include reference to the TEA FAQ which recognizes that schools can grant opt out notices.