SUCCESS! Middle school and high school opt outs facilitated!

From S.B.

Plano ISD
This year, I submitted my refusal letter to my 8th grader’s principal and counselor.. Initially, I received “Received” as a reply from the principal. After a couple of weeks, I emailed again asking his preference on what to do with my child on administration days. He told me to fill out the absence form for the initial administration days and that he would approve it, that way my kid could do any makeup work with no hassles. And, that was it!
For my 10th grader, I emailed the same refusal letter and the counselor called me. She went over what his options were and wanted to make sure I understood the acceptable substitutions. Months later during a 504 meeting, it was outlined that he will not be taking EOCs and will be utilizing subs, instead.

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  • Richardson ISD
    I submitted the first refusal letter to my sons school, then sent back and email about me signing a paper where it stated I agreed to them marking his STAAR test as “S” so I then replied stating I will not be doing that and attached the do not grade letter. They emailed me back stating, “Thank you for the clarifying update. I have spoken with our district testing coordinator and will document this information accordingly. (His name) will not be administered a STAAR assessment. Please let us know if you need anything further.”

    So thankful for the resources and step by step guide this website provides!

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