SUCCESS! Twin success in Splendora!

by JPS

🥳 Second year of opting out, first year for a flawless process!! Splendora ISD.

No pushback, a simple call from the principal stating the twins will be offered STAAR but understand they will decline. Assessment will be submitted as S for score, and that is that! Picked my boys up at 9:30 this morning after they were counted present for the day. Quick backstory, one of my boys (pictured left) has an IEP and severely dyslexic along with a few other challenges. My other son is a straight A student (picturesd right). If it wasn’t for my sons disability, I would have never known just how unreasonable STAAR is. Children are not one sized fits all! Keep fighting parents 💪

Next stop, declining HB4545 once offered! 💫

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