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FERPA Corrective Letter

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This letter replaces the Do Not Score Letter. The TEA for many years has required the S code to be used with refused assessments. This letter asks them to remove the scores generated by the blank assessment document and replace it with a notification of non-participation. When they refuse, the letter provides them a parental statement which FERPA requires them to place in the student records.


Tips for Use of This Form:

1. It must be sent to both the TEA and the local school.

2. It should not be sent until you receive a score report. DO NOT SEND THIS WITH YOUR OPT OUT LETTER. Until you have scores, there is nothing to correct.

3. A separate letter should be send for each assessment.

4. You can go back and use this for previous assessments.

Please do not share the direct download link!

April 22, 2023


August 16, 2023

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