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We’re Just Going to Be Absent

This is a public post because it is really important.  As Opt Out groups have proliferated the quality control of these groups is increasingly poor.  To the extent that parents get a lot of bad, or more often, woefully incomplete advice.  Then when they fail in their opt out because they have not been properly prepared, their bad experience rebounds back against all of us.

This video addresses a trend I’ve seen increase significantly this year.  It’s the advice to “just be absent” for the assessment and makeup day.  Parents are touting this as if it is a panacea, and if that is the extent of their plan 90% of them will fail.  This video tries to explain the problems with simple absence as a tactic.  It’s not bad advice as far as it goes.  But it is so, so incomplete, that it almost guarantees failure.

Be educated.  Be prepared.  Be Ready.  Be successful.

April 12, 2023


April 12, 2023

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