Principal Issues Threats Contrary to Law

March 31, 2015
The hypocrisy of the schools in their campaign to intimidate parents into subjecting their kids to the STAAR assessment is truly remarkable.  Any outside observers would have to be left scratching their heads.  On the one hand, schools tell parents, sometimes in forceful, nasty letters, that the law does not let parents refuse the STAAR, […]

TEA Responds to Letter re Social Media Monitoring

March 27, 2015
In response to TPERN’s inquiry, the Texas Education Agency has provided the following information.  It is reprinted below, but Pearson is not required to monitor social media by contract, and the TEA does not ask them to do so.  The TEA does monitor public social media.  The TEA did not disclose whether Pearson engages in […]


March 25, 2015
I’ve had it. I am tired of parents reporting threats and intimidation tactics by schools that are nothing but lies. At first I tried to give the teachers and administrators the benefit of the doubt and think they must just be misinformed. But the reports are coming so hot and so heavy that I am […]

A Great Refusal Letter

March 23, 2015
Here is refusal letter a mom from GPISD shared with us! I’d love to see how the school responds to this! Dear (school name protected) Administrators and Teachers: My name is [parent name]. I’m a mother of a 5th grader in GPISD. It was suggested to me that I contact you to discuss my concerns […]

TPERN Requests TEA Clarify Pearson Monitoring of Students’ Social Media

March 18, 2015
Amidst numerous reports of Pearson Education monitoring the internet and social media postings of students taking assessments in the northeastern United States, TPERN has requested that Commissioner Williams disclose to Texas parents the extent to which Pearson is contracted to monitor the social media postings of Texas students.  A copy of our letter is below: […]

Stop Waiting for Permission; Make Your Own Decisions

March 10, 2015
If you are asking about Opting Out, as a parent you have already reached certain conclusions. Maybe you believe the STAAR has had a negative effect on curriculum and you can’t support it. Maybe you find it developmentally inappropriate. Maybe you have seen the physical and emotional toll it takes on kids and don’t want […]

OPTING OUT – Step by Step

March 4, 2015
How to Opt Out/Decline/Refuse STAAR In response to a lot of “how do I do this” questions, we’ve put together this step by step guide on opting out.  This is a general guide of the various steps and forms a parent can follow to Opt Out of the STAAR assessment. If you are looking for […]

Ten Texas Opt Out Myths, and the Real Story Behind Them

February 24, 2015
Updated January 19, 2021 STAAR season is upon us.  And with it comes the annual posting of opinions, “law” and procedures that people have been told are true or represent a sure path to successful refusal of the assessment.  In this post, we discuss seven common myths that represent things that schools say, that parents […]

Dear Schools: Stop Lying about Math STAAR

February 7, 2015
Note: the article refers to a single year suspension of Math SSI requirements.  It is left up here as additional examples of schools lying about STAAR.  However, the issue discussed in this article is not applicable to any other year.  That discussion is obsolete. Tonight, I again received a question from a parent whose 8th […]

TPERN Opposes Proposed STAAR Percentile Rule

January 8, 2015
On December 19, 2014, the TEA published a proposed amendment to 19 TAC §101.3041, dealing with STAAR performance standards.  This proposed rule ostensibly provides for the publication of percentile ranks on the STAAR, theoretically making comparison between test takers easier.  (TPERN believes that the purpose of an academic readiness assessment is to determine readiness of the […]