TPERN Praises Aledo ISD Reconsideration

January 9, 2019
Following publication of the “monetary fines” letter on txedrights and extensive discussion on social media, the administration at the Aledo ISD elementary school that conceived the program has revisited the punitive approach and decided instead to implement the program with a focus on encouraging students.  TPERN is pleased to see that the program has been […]

Summer School Action Plan

June 18, 2018
Thanks to Sherry Neeley who has put together this seven step action plan if you get a notice of summer school.  TPERN notes are in italics. 1) Send the summer school letter This should be your first response whenever the school tells you unilaterally that your 5th or 8th grader has to go to summer […]

Instant Replay – 2017 Opt Out Webinar

April 13, 2018
This webinar was held in May 2017 between the first and second administrations of the STAAR assessment. Participants include Scott Placek, Edy Chamness, Ben and Sarah Becker, Caite Brooks and Sherry Neeley. Presented by – Texas Parents’ Educational Rights Network

Who’s To Blame

April 12, 2018
This is a tough time for Opt Out parents because the assessment is happening and there is a lot of pushback at the school level. Sadly, this year more than ever it seems a number of school district employees have entered the TTAAS Facebook group intent on excusing every complaint a parent has. WRONG strategy […]

Jerk of the Week – Drew Scheberle, Austin Chamber of Commerce VP

April 12, 2017
The Jerk of the Week award is not given out every week. It’s only given out when someone engages in particularly jerky behavior. Our winner this week is none of than Austin Chamber of Commerce vice president (sorry, SENIOR vice-president) Drew Scheberle. Young Mr. Scheberle is quite the accomplished scholar. Growing up in the affluent […]

Please Set Your Password

March 24, 2017
This is a post I hate to write, but it is sadly necessary.  A number of parents choose to opt out by having their kids refuse the assessment.  This is completely fine.  Choose the best route for you.  A growing number of schools have chosen to work with parents to enable the refusal to take […]

Conroe ISD Doubles Down on Old Lies

March 13, 2017
We’ve received a report of a demonstrably false e-mail being sent to parents at a Conroe ISD junior high school., McCullough Junior High.  The full email is below, but the closing paragraph of the e-mail read as follows: “Also, as a general reminder to ensure there is no confusion or surprise, Texas students in eighth […]

An Open Letter to Mike Morath

June 12, 2016
from Ben Becker I am a public school parent, and I do want accountability for our schools. What makes a good school is so much more complex than what any single assessment can determine, and I look forward to the day when this is recognized by the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Legislature. Until […]

TEA Scraps 5th/8th Grade STAAR Consequences

June 12, 2016
Facing a pending deadline to answer the lawsuit filed by four Texas parents challenging the 2016 STAAR administrations for grades 3-8, TEA Commissioner Mike Morath announced major changes to 5th and 8th grade STAAR for this year.  In a letter to Texas administrators, Morath announced that the TEA was “removing student consequences attached to STAAR […]

Call to Action: Comment on Proposed Accountability Rules

June 7, 2016
Despite knowing that the Grade 3-5, and likely the Grade 6-8 STAAR, assessments do not comply with the time limits set in Education Code, the TEA is moving forward with plans to use those ratings in the 2015-2016 accountability ratings. This is done via the rulemaking process.  Parents should submit public comment on this matter […]