Conroe ISD Doubles Down on Old Lies

March 13, 2017
We’ve received a report of a demonstrably false e-mail being sent to parents at a Conroe ISD junior high school., McCullough Junior High.  The full email is below, but the closing paragraph of the e-mail read as follows: “Also, as a general reminder to ensure there is no confusion or surprise, Texas students in eighth […]

An Open Letter to Mike Morath

June 12, 2016
from Ben Becker I am a public school parent, and I do want accountability for our schools. What makes a good school is so much more complex than what any single assessment can determine, and I look forward to the day when this is recognized by the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Legislature. Until […]

TEA Scraps 5th/8th Grade STAAR Consequences

June 12, 2016
Facing a pending deadline to answer the lawsuit filed by four Texas parents challenging the 2016 STAAR administrations for grades 3-8, TEA Commissioner Mike Morath announced major changes to 5th and 8th grade STAAR for this year.  In a letter to Texas administrators, Morath announced that the TEA was “removing student consequences attached to STAAR […]

Call to Action: Comment on Proposed Accountability Rules

June 7, 2016
Despite knowing that the Grade 3-5, and likely the Grade 6-8 STAAR, assessments do not comply with the time limits set in Education Code, the TEA is moving forward with plans to use those ratings in the 2015-2016 accountability ratings. This is done via the rulemaking process.  Parents should submit public comment on this matter […]

Seguin ISD Files Due Process Complaint Against TEA

June 2, 2016
Finally! A district has realized the can and must stand up for their students with regard to STAAR assessment. Although this is a limited scope complaint, it marks, to our knowledge, the first formal complaint made against the TEA for accommodation issues relating to STAAR. TPERN salutes the Seguin ISD for taking this long overdue […]

The “Required” Summer School Notice

April 20, 2016
As the first results of the STAAR assessment come in and the days left in the school year slip away, more and more parentsof kids who failed or did not take the first assessment are receiving notices that their kids are “required” to go to summer school.  Round Rock ISD is even sending notices that […]

The Summer School “Threat”

April 19, 2016
For 5th and 8th grade students who have received or are about to receive their results, parents commonly hear “if they don’t pass/If they opt out they have to go to summer school.” Please understand, that no school has the authority to tell you that you are going to summer school. By law, accelerated instruction […]

The GPC Process – TEA Flowcharts

April 19, 2016
For parents of 5th and 8th graders who have opted out or failed STAAR, these flow charts show the process for determination of Accelerated Instruction and Promotion/Retention. General Education Students (p. 8 of SSI Manual) Special Education For special education students, the ARD committee acts as the GPC. (p. 27 of SSI manual)

Calhoun County ISD – STAAR Takes Up All March

April 11, 2016
This is as real and honest admission as you will ever see from a district about how STAAR focused their curriculum is. Sad, but true.

No, You Don’t Have to Pass STAAR in 5th or 8th Grade

April 7, 2016
OK, so a mom from Kissam Elementary is being told that passing STAAR is required to go to 6th grade.  Let’s examine how we know this is not true. First, search for the Academic Performance Report for your school from 2014-2015.  It is located here: Academic Performance Report The cover looks like this: Now let’s […]