Follow Up Refusal

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Follow Up Refusal

Updated 4/10/23  - Sometimes the schools will respond to your opt out notice by telling you that they can't exempt you or grant permission to opt out.  You respond by telling them that you were not asking their permission and you expect them not to interfere with your parental decisions.  The letter also references the TEA information that schools can accept parental refusals.

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Comments (11)

    • I am not sure what your obsession with government websites is. If it is posted here, it is still substantially accurate, though a date or two might need to be adjusted.

  • None of the links work for me for the “follow up refusal”. Where can I get the updated ones or locate what is being referenced? Thanks!

  • I got the following email when I sent the “following refusal document”
    Good Morning,

    Please know your child will be assigned to a testing room and will need to sit quietly while other students take the test. Your child will still be given a score code of S which will result in a zero, but we will abide by your request.

    I responde to the email with:

    What accommodations does the teacher have in place for my child once she submits the blank test? I don’t want her to sit there for hours until everyone else finishes their test. Is she allowed to take a book to read? Catch up on missing assignments? I want her to be as productive as possible.

    Considering she will not be taking the test, the CTC will have to submit a score code of S for her at the conclusion of testing; therefore, she can sit quietly until the room is consolidated to another classroom.

    However, if you want her to open the test, click through all the answers not answering any questions, then she can submit the test herself and then read a book quietly for the remainder of the time.

    And I responded with:
    So basically you are telling me you are punishing her for not taking the test. If CTC submits S, she will have to sit there for several hours with nothing to do until every student is done then she can resume to regular activities.

    But if she bypasses all the questions with a blank answer and submits it she is allowed to read a book quietly? Am I reading this right? If that’s the case I will just keep her home. I am not going to allow the school to punish her for not taking the STAAR assessment by having her sit for hours with nothing for her to do. This is so draining for all of us!!!!

    Please guide me on the nexts steps for this. I am new here and I am trying the best to do all my research. I kept her from school today since testing in our isd was today.

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