HB 4545 Summer School Refusal Letter

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HB 4545 Summer School Refusal Letter

This short letter is all you need to advise the school that your child will not be participating in HB 4545 summer school.

We will provide an additional letter for the fall. Use this letter only for the summer school notices.

Note: if you are unable to download from this page, use this link.  DO NOT SHARE THE LINK.

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  • My child is going to be a sophomore 22-23 school year. He and didn’t pass English I STAAR and we going to choose to opt out of the AL summer school. He is supposed to retake the test in June. If we opt out of the summer school is he still required to retake the test since he took it and failed originally?

  • How do I opt out for additional instruction for next year. I oped out for summer school now principal says my son has to do additional instruction next year. I thought the letter I sent covered both

    • Amanda,

      Please look above. It says “We will provide an additional letter for the fall. Use this letter only for the summer school notices.” You don’t need to do it this instance. We are revising our letters to reflect the latest TEA guidance. The letter for the fall will be ready in a week or two and that is plenty of time. Rest assured, your principal is wrong.

  • My 10 year old ADHD child failed the Reading and Math STAAR despite passing those classes, receiving literacy and math master certificates and being promoted to 6th grade.
    I’m being told he has to take 60 hours of summer school or lose PE and Art in 6th grade.
    What are my options? He doesn’t need to sit in a classroom for and entire month from 8-3:30 pm, he needs to play with his friends and enjoy his summer vacation.

    • I am in the same boat. My son failed math and reading STAARS. He is in summer school now but only doing 22 hours in each subject. He doesn’t want to lose football. He is going to the 8th grade. The school td me yesterday morning they will do the hours after school which he will not pra tice or play football 1st semester. I am so mad. They didn’t like that I called Region 12. I want to Opt out but they said it will hurt him. They don’t have anyone now for 504. Never had a meeting at all while he was in 7th grade.

  • My daughter will be going to the 9th grade next year and if we chose to opt out summer school will it change her schedule for next year

  • Annmarie Jacobson

    My 9th grader took the STAAR because I was told there was no way to opt out of the STAAR. She didn’t pass. She ended the year with a 90%. If I opt out of summer school does she have to retest because they told me she needs to pass to graduate? No she hasn’t taken the PST9. What care I do?

  • What if you are scheduled for an ARD this next week? I can use this letter for the summer portion but they will be making decisions for Fall AI during the meeting as well. What letter should we use then?

    • You can use this letter, though it won’t be our final recommended form. HB 4545 AI Opt Out

      Also remember, the ARD can modify or eliminate HB 4545 instruction as part of his IEP, even without your opt out. But you should still opt out.

  • My daughter is ADHD and dyslexic. The “accommodations” she was provided during STAAR were a joke. She failed Reading and Math by one question. She passed 6th grade and was 97th percentile or above on her Spring MAP assessment for all subjects. The school is stating the state requires that she take summer school or lose an elective in the fall for a STAAR class. I specifically asked the Vice Principal about the summer school opt out letter and she stated “Internet groups will tell you that there’s an opt out letter and if you provide us with it, it’s not like we’re going to send it to the state cause what will they do with it?”… Please advise what my rebuttal should be.

    • You don’t show up. The TEA clearly says you can opt out of HB 4545 instruction. Please watch the video – Losing My Summer or My Electives? False Choice!. Your school is wrong and they are lying to you. Don’t ASK about the letter. Send the letter in. It’s not to be sent to the state. It’s to be sent to the school. And I guarantee you that the school will keep it and if they are audited for HB 4545 they will use it to demonstrate that they offered the instruction and you declined it.

      “Internet groups: will tell you there’s an opt out letter, because there is and it works and the TEA agrees that it works. Period. Send the letter. Don’t send your kid.

  • I just got a text from the school saying my 3rd grader may not have passed the staar test. (I’m going to home school next year. I agree with the persone above, the dyslexia accommodation was a joke). It says;

    “If your child did not meet state standard on the Math or Reading STAAR test, the state requirement is for them to attend 30 hours of intervention for that subject. The state requires a meeting to discuss the accelerated learning plan with parents.”

    Is this the form I would use? Is this HB 4545?

  • My son who has dyslexia has failed his 9th grade ELA and ALG STAAR. Due to the immense stress these tests place on him, I’m seeking to opt him out of the required summer program and STAAR testing moving forward. I need help I’m getting this started with his school. He’s homeschooled through K-12. Any help to get the ball rolling on opting out is appreciated.

  • Question – the HB 4545 Summer Opt Out Letter that you can download from txedrights.com has a [Subject Teacher] spot, I guess to address to an individual teacher. Can’t we just address the opt out to the school and that school’s principal only, and still opt out our child from all the summer classes via HB 4545? Just a little confused, and do not want to mess this up…..no way our daughter is being punished by her ISD for not taking the #$%&* STAAR tests! TIA, and thanks for all the info that txedrights.com provides.
    – Kyle

    • The statute states the subject teacher, so to be in strict compliance I would still include this, and copy the principal/counselor etc.

  • Hi, first off thank you for this, this is great
    I moved from Florida 5 years ago and I have always been against standarized test, My son is 13 going to high school next year, he failed all 4 staar assesments, I expressed how I was against staar test and decided to not sent him to school during staar testing dates, only to lear a few weeks later when my son got home that school took him out of class and make him take the test, I was furious and called school to whicj they answer saying their hands were tied that it was state mandate that all kids needed to take test. I dont encourage any study or preparation for this assesment so obviously my son put his name and bubble in random asnwers as result he failed which I was ok with since I dont believe on the test in first place, well to my surprise I received an email from school LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL telling me that since he failed all 4 he now needed to do 30 hours for each subject, meaning an entire month if his summer vacations for something that we dont agree on, I fighted and they told me if he didnt do it during summer then next year school will have to use 2 of his electives for ELA and math and probably before or after school for SS and science, I soecifically ask if I could decide not to since I dont believe in test in the first place and was told that unfortunately there was no opt out option, after carefully consideration my son decided to take 2 weeks of summer school for ELA and Math that way he can have all his electives next year and then to deal with Ss and Science next year in however the school decides to do it, so anyways right now Im afraid to pull him out of summer school and next year school telling me he needs to sacrifice two of his electives, I dont know what to do! Anything helps

    • I don’t know what to tell you. Your school lied to you. You can opt out and it is ILLEGAL for them to take his electives away. Why you agreed, I have no idea. But they are wrong.

  • I’m new to this process and just found out that I was able to opt out of the summer school for Star!!My kids both have to go through summer school due to that issue!! So I’m so wanting more Information!!

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